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Frequently asked questions

I'm from country X. Can I use Baseflow?

Yes. Baseflow is open to people from anywhere in the world (also non-US, non-EU).

But I'm a US citizen, is Baseflow suitable for me?

As a US citizen, your worldwide income is subject to US income tax, regardless of where you live, as per the nationality principle. Although there is a ~$108,700/y exclusion if you're outside US for 330 days per year, you'll always have to pay tax in US over any amount above that.

Am I elegible to apply for NHR in Portugal?

To be eligible for NHR benefits, you can't have been a Portuguese resident in or after 2017, nor actively hold a prominent political position. In addition, the Portuguese government requires you have a high skilled job in the list below:
🛠 1 - Architects, engineers and similar technicians
101 - Architects
102 - Engineers
103 - Geologists
🎨 2 - Plastic artists, actors and musicians
201 - Artists in theatre, ballet, film, radio and television
202 - Singers
203 - Sculptors
204 - Musicians
205 - Painters
🦷 4 - Doctors and Dentists
401 - Dentists
402 - Medical analysts
403 - Surgeons
404 - Physicians on ships
405 - General practitioners
406 - Dentists
407 - Stomatologists
408 - Physiotherapy doctors
409 - Gastroenterologists
410 - Ophthalmologists
411 - Orthopedic physicians
412 - Otorhinolaryngologists
413 - Pediatric physicians
414 - Radiological physicians
415 - Physicians in other specialties
🏫 5 - Teachers
501 - University professors
🧠 6 - Psychologists
601 - Psychologists
💻 7 - Self-employed, technical and similar workers
701 - Archaeologists
702 - Biologists and life scientists
703 - Computer programmers
704 - Computer programming consultants and activities in the same field with
Information Technology and Computer Science
705 - Computer programming activities
706 - Computer consulting activities
707 - Computer equipment management and exploration
708 - Information service activities
709 - Data programming, information and data warehousing activities
710 - Data processing activities
711 - Information services activities: activities in the same field the web and websites
710 - Data programming, information retrieval and hosting activities
712 - Information agency activities
713 - Other information service activities
714 - Scientific investigation and development activities
715 - Scientific investigation and development activities in the physical and natural sciences
716 - Biotechnology investigation and development activities
717 - Designers

Is there a minimum stay requirement in Portugal as a EU citizen?

As a EU citizen, you can either spend more than 183 days per year in Portugal, or show proof of permanent residency - renting or owning a house.

What are the requirements to become a Portuguese resident as a non-EU citizen?

If you're a non-EU citizen, you'll apply for a visa (usually D7) at a Portuguese embassy. You'll have to spend at least 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months per year in Portugal during the first 2 years - unless you buy a home. You also need to have a regular and reliable income of at least $15,000/year, and a 100% clean criminal record.

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