Move to a new country in minutes β€” so you live where you're treated best.

Baseflow is the first freedom-as-a-service platform for sovereign individuals. By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Baseflow helps you become a legal resident and get a new passport in crypto and remote-friendly countries.
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Join other location-independent individuals from all over the world who have moved their residencies using Baseflow, with a best-in-class legal structure built for digital natives.

My smartest Latin American friends are moving to Spain and Portugal. They work for American companies, get out of LatAm for safety concerns, and go to Europe for a high quality of life while still doing geographical arbitrage. Baseflow is going to make it possible at scale.

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Esteban Vargas
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Set up your bases around the world β€” with a few clicks.

With Baseflow, you can change your legal residency or get a new passport within days. We help with all the paperwork.

  • Move your legal and tax residency
  • Get a new passport
  • Simple and frictionless experience

Get going in about 10 minutes.

Setting up a base on a new country can take months chasing down lawyers, making calls, and sending documents back and forth over email. You waste time, compromise your privacy, and spend more money than you originally planned. With Baseflow, you can do it within days. We help with all the paperwork.

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Spend 10 minutes filling in a bit of information β€” we'll guide you through the essentials of what's needed and handle the rest.


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Receive any additional documents such as a power of attorney so our lawyers can create the legal documents, file the paperwork, and apply whatever is needed on your behalf.


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Receive your new residency certificate or passport.

Baseflow sets you up on a new country with a few clicks.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Baseflow do?

We’re the first freedom-as-a-service startup. We help people from all over the world to move their legal residency and get new passports. Remote workers and digital nomads use our platform to manage the legal and financial side of their lives, like moving their legal and tax residency, becoming a citizen of a new country, and compliance.

What does Baseflow cost?

We charge a setup fee and an optional annual subscription that starts at $149/y.

Does Baseflow offer customer support?

Yes, you can always ask us any questions about our product or the legal process. Send us a note over email and we’ll get back to you promptly!

What information do you need from me?

We'll ask your email and phone to contact you; your legal name, date of birth, gender, nationality, residence and location to apply for residency with the Portuguese government; your job, type of income and source of income to analyze and advice you on your legal and fiscal situation when moving to Portugal; and if you want to include family to provide extra services for them..
We store all your data securely for the purpose of providing you with the product/service of immigrating to Portugal and use data to analyze who is a customer of Baseflow and to know which demographic to target.

What if I don't have a legal background?

Baseflow isn’t a legal or accounting firm and can’t provide tax or accounting advice.
You should consult legal and tax professionals for advice on how to meet ongoing obligations that apply to you.

What if I already started a process?

You can still use Baseflow to have all your documents in one place and manage compliance.
If you have already started a process, please contact us and a member of our sales team will happily onboard you to a custom solution.

What if I'm not ready to move yet?

You can apply now to not lose your access, and just indicate in the application your desired date to move. We're still scaling up the platform and might need to close sign ups in the future.

Have any other questions?Β Contact us.

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