Optimize your taxes while living in remote.

Baseflow combines world-class legal and tax advisors with a global network of locally trained partners. We've created the most efficient, risk-free way for remote workers and digital nomads to structure their taxes globally.

Baseflow is trusted by +150 remote workers around the world
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Use cases & solutions for a remote world.

Baseflow will help you if you are:
  • A digital nomad that lives in multiple countries each year
  • A remote worker that wants to find where to live to optimize taxes
  • A business owner looking to structure your taxes globally

Global tax advisory. Made simple for you.

  • No previous legal knowledge required
  • Understand your tax residency status
  • Choose where to establish as a fiscal resident to optimize your personal taxes
  • Avoid double paying and maximize your income

"During the past year I spent 6 months living in Singapore, 4 months in Germany, and 2 months travelling around Europe. Since I didn't have any previous legal knowledge, I decided to try Baseflow. They solved my tax residency and capital gains tax doubts in less than one hour.”

Orson Nash 🇬🇧
Founder @ QiWireless.com

"I've been wanting to change my residency for the past 5 years, but I didn't know where to start. During the onboarding call, an expert helped me understand my situation, presented me several possible solutions, and solved my doubts about where I should move to optimize my taxes. Baseflow really helped me find the best country for me and my business.”

Maria Fernandes 🇵🇹

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