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Move to a new country in minutes — so you live where you're treated best.

By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Baseflow provides you a safe and easy-to-use platform to move your personal residency to a tax and remote-friendly country.
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With Baseflow, you can change your legal residency within days. We help with all the paperwork.

  • No previous legal knowledge required
  • Simple and frictionless experience
  • Automate onboarding, taxes, and compliance

Get going in about 10 minutes.

We guide you through the essentials and handle the rest. Dedicate some minutes to file in a bit of information, and we’ll create the legal framework you need.

Comprehensive documentation

Access detailed guides to understand what's happening in the background. Forget about expensive calls.



Choose from our bases in different countries the one that fits you the best. We'll handle the rest.


Peace of Mind

Maintain your legal residency, file taxes seamlessly, and stop worrying about compliance.

Trusted by remote workers around the world.

Join location-independent workers from all around the world who have moved their legal residency using Baseflow, with a best-in-class legal structure that’s built for scale.

My smartest Latin American friends are moving to Spain and Portugal. They work for American companies, get out of LatAm for safety concerns, and go to Europe for a high quality of life while still doing geographical arbitrage. Baseflow is going to make it possible at scale.

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Esteban Vargas
Co-founder of Watermelon

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